Bite the Bullet Bosses Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of our rundown on the bosses of Bite The Bullet! This week we’re looking at the big baddies from levels 5 through 8. If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out Part 1, covering the bosses from levels 1 through 4, here

Level 5: The Mastermind

So, remember last week, in the section about Level 4’s BC3K, where I said you’d have the opportunity to use new strategies by utilizing the moving pillars on either side of the map? Well, I hope you listened, because you’re going to want to avoid the floor as much as possible in this fight. As you can see, the sewer grates will flood the ground with caustic ooze.

As delicious as it looks, you’ll want to jump up and out of the way, onto one of the four moving platforms. Just because those platforms aren’t touching the floor doesn’t mean you’ll be safe, as this baddie will be launching slime balls and even a spider-like green webbing that can pin you against the back wall in an instant. On top of that, there’s slime monsters that will come to The Mastermind’s assistance, trying to pluck you off those very platforms.

It’s here that the game is really going to test your skill. Defeating this boss is a rigorous balancing act, and one mistake can kill you, so be on your toes!

Level 6: SAMNG (Self-Aware Mass of Noxious Goo)

Ahh, flat ground… feels good, doesn’t it? It should, especially after trekking through the Megawood's platform-heavy layout. This amorphous trash heap will take multiple forms throughout the fight, including a butterfly, a spider-like figure, and a big round blob.

If you strike quickly, he’ll go down fast, but make sure you have sufficient upgrades. I used my trusty railgun, but if yours isn’t as upgraded, you may have to go another route.

At any rate, this guy will try to attack in all sorts of different ways by utilizing his unique shapeshifting abilities. Jump and move quickly in order to avoid his strikes, and you should be alright, but make sure to land your shots!

Level 7: Eyeful

If you feel as though you’re being watched, it’s probably because of this guy. With at least 13 eyes, make sure you don’t get lost in his gaze, because eventually a giant laser beam is gonna come after you, and it will hurt.

His firsts phase starts out on the ground, but will eventually work his way into the air once his legs are taken out. You’ll notice on the sides, there are a couple of vents that will boost you into the air. If needed, you can use these for when his second phase begins. Hitting him from up top while he’s flying might give you the exact advantage you need, so use the tools you’re given!

For this fight, I used the rocket launcher to take out his legs before switching to the flamethrower to get him in the air. While this proved effective, it may differ based on your chosen strategy and weapon choice. If you’re somebody that likes more up-close combat, you may benefit more from using something like the shotgun. Our goal with this guy was to give the players a challenge, but not overwhelm them before the final boss. Speaking of which…

Level 8: Trinomorph

Forget everything you learned before here, because this boss will test your skill like none of the others. Trinomorph is slow to move, but quick to attack.

Consisting of two equally difficult phases, this big bad starts out by letting out a huge neck with a mean grin, which he’ll use to whip and bite you. He’ll also stomp on the ground and make debris rain down from the ceiling which will damage the player. Once his neck is blown up, it retracts into his body, and in its place emerges a cannon, which will lob high-damage bombs. The only way to damage him at this point is to fire the bombs right back at his neck while it’s still open. Once he’s down, you’ve done it!

Congratulations! Eat him up, and you’re good to go. Right?

You'll have to play to find out!


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