Blast Beats and Critter Cannons - The Music of Bite the Bullet

What do games like the Halo series, The Last of Us, God of War, and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time all have in common? Well, aside from all of them being critically acclaimed, they all have legendary soundtracks. Would we remember Halo 3 as fondly if it didn’t have that marvelous, iconic soundtrack? Probably not. Part of what people remember most about that game is the Gregorian chant heard when you first boot up the game. It’s beautifully orchestrated, and an unmistakable part of the Halo universe and brand.

My point here is that music can be vital to how a game is viewed, played, and experienced. Music can take a good gaming experience and turn it into an unforgettable one. Even more importantly, it can help establish a game’s brand. If people can associate a certain type of song or sound to your game when they hear it, that carries a lot of weight in how the player remembers their experience. You’d be hard pressed to find somebody that can hear the Lost Woods theme from The Legend of Zelda and not be instantly transported back to when they first played through it. 

With Bite The Bullet, we utilized a musical direction that best fits with the action-packed and humorous tone of the game itself. Bite The Bullet is not a game you play slowly to softer tones, like you would with something like The Last of Us. Instead, you’re meant to play quickly, with lots of sharp movement, quick thinking, and loads of action.

The music itself is fairly up-tempo and fast-paced, which matches the speed of the gameplay perfectly. The music reflects this with speedy guitar riffs, fast drum patterns, and a general sense of badassery. You’ll find that most of the tracks in the game are in the style of hard rock and metal, featuring incendiary, bass-heavy riffs. 

Of course, if the music doesn’t match the tone of the game’s levels, these points are moo. You know, like a cow’s opinion. The music of Bite The Bullet has been crafted in such a way that it matches the tone of the level design.

For example, the first area takes place in a subway system, and as such, the music for this level has a deep, low, underground feel. Conversely, the music in the grotesque Bioware lab features some trippier sounds to reflect the environment.

In a game about eating and shooting, we haven't forgotten how important music is to a pleasant dining experience. We've worked hard to craft an iconic sound for Bite The Bullet, to reflect it's unique brand and personality. Satisfy your gameplay cravings and ear-hole hunger with an extra helping of Running, Gunning, and Eating!


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