Critter Cannons and Spicy Meat-Seeking Missiles: The Weapons of Bite the Bullet

You’ve shot assault rifles in games before, but have you ever fired a vegan assault rifle? Didn’t think so. Bite The Bullet’s weapon randomization adds a fun, inventive element to combat, and, like a box of bullets, you never know what you’re gonna get. No, wait, that’s not right. Ah well. Moving on.

Enemies in Bite The Bullet have a chance to drop a random weapon. Sometimes this loot will just be a base model, but occasionally you will find that there’s a food or eating-related name attached to the weapon. For example, you may find a Gluten Free Assault Rifle that has a 10% chance to pierce enemies, or even an In-Flight Meal Assault Rifle that deals 50% more damage while airborne.

The random aspect of the drops adds an extra layer to the combat, and presents the player with risk/reward opportunities. Do they trade their tried-and-true weapon for a new piece of hardware that might better serve them in the current level? Or wait until a rare model shows up with better stats all around? Each player decision will be affected by which drops they get, their playstyle, and what stage of the game they’re currently fighting through.

Let’s use the two weapons described previously as our example: The Gluten-Free model has slightly higher damage (5.2 vs. 5.0 on the In-Flight Meal model), and has a 10% chance to pierce enemies. This is great for clearing out areas where there are many enemies, as bullets can pierce through them and hit other foes behind them. If you’re in a part of a level that has a ton of enemies in close proximity, this may be the way to go. However, the In-Flight Meal model deals 50% (or 1.5x) more damage when airborne. If you are a player that jumps around and moves a lot, it may be more beneficial to take the In-Flight Meal Assault Rifle. The choice is entirely up to the player, and if you don’t want to swap weapons, you can pick up just the ammo instead.

But enough about Assault Rifles. There are a total of six weapons in Bite The Bullet, including, the Neo-Dove Shotgun, the Meat-Seeking Missile Launcher, and more.

The coolest weapon, however, is the Critter Cannon. This shoots a random animal with different effects based on your trajectory. Shooting downward and the little guy will slide across the floor. Fire at an angle, and it’ll bounce along. Either way, when it hits an enemy it detonates on impact.

All of the aforementioned weapons can be found with any of the random modifications, and they can even stack to create increased effects! Let’s say I picked up a Well-Done Assault Rifle. That weapon gives me 10% Increased Damage. But when you craft, you can also add a Crunchy modification, and it increases damage an additional 30%. You’ll be tearing things apart so fast, they’ll call you Lisa.

But that’s not all. Each gun has a secondary firing mode and a few permanent upgrades. For example, the critter cannon’s secondary plops out a bloated critter that acts as a trampoline for your character. The flamethrower’s secondary is an incendiary grenade. The railgun has a laser sight upgrade, and you can enhance the shotgun’s choke to allow for more, farther-range projectiles. Want to know the best part? Secondary firing modes and upgrades made to weapons will carry over even if you swap to a new version of that gun.

These random mods, upgrades, and secondary firing modes mean that players have an endless variety of options to explore. Just like other aspects of the game, players can customize their weapons to suit their playstyle. Weapons are just one more feature to add depth, strategy, and most importantly, fun for all who choose to Bite The Bullet.


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