Eat All You Can This Thanksgiving

Do you like stuffing your face? I do. That’s why I love Thanksgiving. Any occasion where eating well past your daily recommended intake is encouraged is okay by me. Although, you’re also encouraged to share this experience with your family, so there are downsides. But let’s look at the bright side: food, right? And as long as you’ve got a few extra people around, why not share with them the joys of couch co-op while you’re at it? Why not combine eating and video games?

Join up for the Bite the Bullet beta! It’s your chance to stick your finger in this pie while it’s still baking. Simply hop on over to our Discord and say “hi” for your chance to sink your teeth into some delicious run-and-gun casserole. Satisfy your craving for some carnage, then drop by and leave us some feedback. We want your help to create the finest feast you’ve ever laid eyes on.

BTB gigavulture derpface bird mutant thanksgiving

Then grab a friend or family member and plunk your butts down on the couch for some good old fashioned co-operative gameplay. Grab your grandma and dive into some all-you-can eat carnage. Stuff your face with everything from zombies to robots to zombies that are also part robot. Dine on destruction for dessert!

Don’t have a turkey for Thanksgiving? We’ve got a giant, heavily armed vulture for you to dine on. Just make sure you fry it with some heavy ordinance first. Still hungry? We also have mountains of meat to dig into. Getting tired of all that protein? Gnaw on some sassy vegetables to round out your balanced diet, you health fiend! All those tasty nutrients go into making you stronger, so fill your maw.

Bite the Bullet has all the taste but none of the calories of a Thanksgiving feast. Ever wonder what a zombie tastes like? Probably teriyaki jerky, but now’s your chance to find out for yourself! Blast your way through hordes of the fiends and remember to chow down on the leftovers. Eat all you want, this bucket is bottomless. Top off that trough with some tasty treats from Mega Cat Studio.

BTB mayo Bite the bullet eating

So what are your plans for Thanksgiving? Cancel them. Hop into the Bite the Bullet beta and eat your fill. It may not have the same nutritional value as an entire turkey, but at least it won’t make you feel sleepy afterwards.


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