Mega Cat Studios Confirms They Are Still Attending PAX East

In the wake of several high-profile PAX pullouts, the low-profile makers of Bite the Bullet confirm that they are still attending the Boston event.

BOSTON, MASS. – Feb. 26, 2020 – After a grueling 12-hour drive from their Pittsburgh, Penn. headquarters, Mega Cat Studios confirmed to press today that they intend to stay in Boston for the duration of PAX East. With a trailer full of CRT televisions and with the launch of Bite the Bullet—the world’s first run and gun and EAT—approaching in March, the Mega Cat team is prepared to meet fans with controllers in hand.

“In the wake of so many big companies pulling out or reducing their presence at PAX East, we wanted to set the record straight,” James Deighan, CEO, said. “There should be no confusion among press or fans about whether or not we are attending.”

When asked how many people reached out to confirm if Mega Cat would maintain its longstanding presence at PAX East, Deighan replied, “Literally no one.”

But the studio seems optimistic that fans new and old will appreciate the Mega Cat commitment to PAX attendees and to their new game, Bite the Bullet.

“We’ve put years of our lives into making Bite the Bullet, and James made it a term of employment that I had to attend these kinds of events,” Andrew Marsh, the guy who once did a TwitchCon panel on retro game development, said for the purposes of this press release.

The latest from indie developer Mega Cat Studios, Bite the Bullet builds on a foundation of retro run & gun gameplay with a world full of edible enemies and dietary crossroads. What you eat and how much you eat directly influences your character development and your crafting, taking you down the path of four different character classes and through a dizzying arsenal of weapon variations—assault rifles, shotguns, rocket launchers, and critter cannons.

The game will be playable at booth #25007 as originally scheduled.

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About Mega Cat Studios: Based in Pittsburgh, PA, Mega Cat Studios is a creative first video game developer with a retro ethos and a culture of innovation. Their library of past title includes modern platform releases as well as retro, cartridge-only experiences. They believe that zombie meat feels like mayonnaise in a plastic bag and tastes like dry-aged venison caked in bleu cheese and marinated in for several days in raw egg yolk sitting beneath a Florida sun.

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