Photo Editing for Retro Cartridge Photos

Although this isn't your standard video game content, we've had some friendly cat fans ask us how we stage our product photos to make them look so edible.
It's brief, but hopefully serves some of our friends and visitors with improving their photo editing process.
Check it out in action in the video, and do it yourself by using the steps below!


Mega Cat Photo Editing Steps

1. Open a raw file in Photoshop, and use the magic wand and selection tools to select the background cleanly around the games.
2. Play the “white background” Photoshop action to add the mask and a clean #FFFFFF white background to the image
3. Select the mask and clean it up using the paintbrush tool at 100% opacity
4. While selected on the mask, paint in shadows as needed using the paintbrush tool at 15 – 25% opacity and 0% hardness
5. Select the image and set the white balance (I use levels> double-click the
highlight dropper tool > click on a white point in the source image, then tab
(without moving the mouse!) to set the A and B channels to 0 and click again to set it)
6. Use the burn tool to darken any areas that need it
7. Crop the image at a 1:1 ratio
8. File > export > save for web > preset = jpg high at quality of 60, 1500px x
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