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Emission Map Guide for Artists

Emission Map Guide for Artists Emission maps are used to describe how much bloom/glow should be emitted from parts of a sprite/texture. Emission maps are grayscale: black means no emission for that pixel, white means full intensity emission. To start, here’s an example of a sprite with its corresponding emission map: We don’t want the entire building sprite to be emitting bloom/glow, so we create an emission map in which everything is black except the windows of the building. The result is that only the windows will emit a glow. Most lighting effects should be achieved through programmed lighting and...
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Unity Bloom Post Processing & Emission Maps

Unity Bloom Post Processing & Emission Maps (For Devs) Import this unity package - it will allow us to use post processing such as bloom  In the file manager view within unity: Right click -> Create -> Post-Processing Profile Select the newly-made profile, and view its contents in the inspector. Check the box next to bloom to enable the following: bloom, chromatic aberration, and vignette. Copy these settings for now: Select your main camera in the scene's hierarchy, and add the script called 'Post Processing Behaviour'. For its 'Profile' element in the inspector, assign the post-processing profile you created earlier....
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