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We Got Dungeons - Dev Log 3

  A look at structures and game objects for our tactical RPG on the Sega Genesis and Mega Drive.
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We Got Dungeons - Dev Log 2

Last time we announced our new upcoming game for the Sega Genesis, We Got Dungeons. This time well delve into the technical details of the game, so strap in for some tech talk! First off lets talk about the levels. We are planning on having several different tiers of levels, each of them comprised of several floors of increasing difficulty. The levels are broken down into separate discrete rooms that are filled with randomly generated encounters. In order to maximize the amount of different rooms that we have to work with, and make each room as interesting and varied as...
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We Got Dungeons - A Tactical RPG for the Sega Genesis! Dev Log 1

We got danger. We got battle. We got tactics. We got choice. We got story. We Got Dungeons.  Imagine that Neil Gaiman wrote a novel about Buffy the Vampire Slayer investigating some weirdness in Earthbound. Now imagine that this novel was actually a tactical RPG with some rogue-like elements and a unique progression and customization system. Now imagine that this RPG came out for the Sega Genesis in the 90s. Still with me? Good… Features We Got Dungeons is a tactical RPG with: Procedurally generated dungeons - every dungeon and every room has different layouts for enemies, traps, hazards, and...
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