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Coffee Crisis Chroma Integration: A Behind-the-Scenes Look

Table of Contents Introduction 3 Overview of Chroma Integration in Coffee Crisis 4 Installing Razer Synapse for development 11 Installing UnityChroma(Native) SDKs 12 Creating animations 13 Testing on real/emulated hardware 18 Behind the scenes look 19 Introduction              We, Mega Cat Studios, have recently wrapped up development on Coffee Crisis, a multiplatform 2D Beat'em Up game for Sega Genesis, PC, and Xbox One! One of the features exclusive to the PC port that we implemented into Coffee Crisis was Chroma support. Chroma is a unique, proprietary, next-generation technology that Razer implements into its product line of high-end gaming equipment, which...
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Setting up a Linux Virtual Machine for NES Development

An in depth guide for using a virtual machine to help speed up iterative testing for NES game development.
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Using Metatiles to Maximize for Retro Consoles

Tips for working with metatiles to maximize space in retro video games for optimal level design.
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