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Let's Talk: A Couch Co-op Work Space

I was reading through one of my absolutely favorite start-up culture evangelists, Pat Riley of GAN, and he brought up something I’ve seen trending more and more the past year:  no cell phone zones in offices. As someone who’s holistically connected to their devices more often than I should be, it really resonated with me, and I had to move forward with it. Check out this photo that Pat was so willing to share from HATCH in Bergen, Norway.  No Phone Zones are for refreshing your mind, switching gears, and keeping it analog.     I couldn’t resist but to collaborate...
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Better Branding with Games

Importance of Having Brand Games Branded games give your audience an extra way of interacting with your brand. Games are the only form of media that you have to actively engage in to utilize. While music and movies can be enjoyed from an engaged audience, most of that audience is consuming the media passively, with something else on their mind. Video games require active participation in order to continue the experience, which leads to higher consumer levels of engagement. Increased engagement with a brand will help keep customer retention and drive consumer promotion via word of mouth, which has been...
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