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The Merits of the Pixel

Despite its age, pixel graphics show no signs of dying. In an age of planned obsolescence and a never ending-arms race in graphical rendering, pixel art has aged impeccably—with no signs of irrelevancy on the horizon. Pixel art began simply as the visual representation of a game using incredibly low resolution technology. It’s arguable that The Oregon Trail (1971) was among the first game to feature pixelated graphics, even if it featured vague, geological features set against an ominous black void. Titles such as Super Mario Bros (1985) was comprised of blocky, basic graphics because it had no other choice....
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NES Background Art II: Teaching as a Pixel Sensei

Making NES backgrounds for Almost Hero 2, a new retro game from Mega Cat Studios. Discusses NES art restrictions, NES palettes, and tricks for making NES art
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