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Proc Gen My Friend

If there’s one genre that’s taken the world of indie games by storm in the last few years, it’s the roguelite. Or, perhaps, the roguelike-like? While the specifics of what to call these games is often argued, most of them are addictive, replayable, and challenging thanks to the magic of procedural generation. Procedural generation is a technique that game developers employ in order to create content that generates its own unique challenges. This means it can reduce development times and costs, and thanks to its unpredictable nature, sometimes surprises both players and developers. What Is Procedural Generation? Simply put, data...
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We Got Dungeons - A Tactical RPG for the Sega Genesis! Dev Log 1

We got danger. We got battle. We got tactics. We got choice. We got story. We Got Dungeons.  Imagine that Neil Gaiman wrote a novel about Buffy the Vampire Slayer investigating some weirdness in Earthbound. Now imagine that this novel was actually a tactical RPG with some rogue-like elements and a unique progression and customization system. Now imagine that this RPG came out for the Sega Genesis in the 90s. Still with me? Good… Features We Got Dungeons is a tactical RPG with: Procedurally generated dungeons - every dungeon and every room has different layouts for enemies, traps, hazards, and...
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