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A History of Run-and-Gun Shooters

Coming in a variety of flavors, the run-and-gun says it all in the name: lots of moving and lots of shooting, and you’d better be able to do them both at the same time.
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Bite the Bullet - Dev Log 1

Run & Gun, and...eat?  Saw through flesh the new fashioned way or drill through enemies with fast-paced gunslinging with Bite the Bullet. This game combines some of our favorite game elements, ever, with some fun platforming, skill shots, power ups and fast game play.  Also, cannibalism. Story In the 2Xth century, urbanization and pollution caused food and resource shortages. Humanity was able to adopt through technology, devising biologically-implanted nodes which allowed them to consume and metabolize any material, living or inorganic. This necessity sparked a trend in biological manipulation, and soon mankind split itself into two species – the Celestials,...
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