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Game Development Lessons from Retro Platforms

Advice and lessons learned from retro video game development.
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Map Formats and Importing Levels for Genesis

There are a ton of to be taken into account when picking level formats for a game. For example, designers need to consider what information is needed, how it is accessed, and how much space budget there is for it.
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Pushing the Sega Genesis to Its Limits

All of this information is getting pulled from the following series of videos. If you are planning on doing anything along these lines, it is a great idea to not only read this document, but also watch the videos that are being referenced. They break down how to do these effects piece by piece in order to achieve these impressive effects: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLi29TNPrdbwJLiB-VcWSSg-3iNTGJnn_L   2-Color 60FPS Full Screen Animations https://youtu.be/c-aQvP7CUAI   Doing a full screen animation, even at two colors, at 60 frames per second would obviously be way too large to fit on a Genesis game. Even with compression it...
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