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Map Formats and Importing Levels for Genesis

There are a ton of to be taken into account when picking level formats for a game. For example, designers need to consider what information is needed, how it is accessed, and how much space budget there is for it.
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Indexed Colors for Retro Backgrounds

A time-saving trick for making Sega Genesis background graphics.
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Sega Genesis/Mega Drive VDP Graphics Guide v1.2a (03/14/17)

Mega Cat Studios   OVERVIEW OF VDP CONCEPTS VDP "Video Display Processor" Video controller chip that handles the Genesis' tile graphics, scroll planes, and sprites. Not actually a processor VRAM "Video RAM" RAM used by the VDP Holds tiles (8x8 px images) Two main machine types NTSC machines "Sega Genesis", 60Hz machines, primarily found in US Resolutions H40 mode - 320x224 px (40x28 tiles). More common resolution mode H32 mode - 256x224 px (32x28 tiles). Less common resolution mode Mega Cat games are NTSC releases, so use these resolutions! PAL machines "Sega Mega Drive", 50Hz machines, everywhere else Resolution H40...
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