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Game Development Lessons from Retro Platforms

Advice and lessons learned from retro video game development.
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Map Formats and Importing Levels for Genesis

There are a ton of to be taken into account when picking level formats for a game. For example, designers need to consider what information is needed, how it is accessed, and how much space budget there is for it.
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We Got Dungeons - Dev Log 2

Last time we announced our new upcoming game for the Sega Genesis, We Got Dungeons. This time well delve into the technical details of the game, so strap in for some tech talk! First off lets talk about the levels. We are planning on having several different tiers of levels, each of them comprised of several floors of increasing difficulty. The levels are broken down into separate discrete rooms that are filled with randomly generated encounters. In order to maximize the amount of different rooms that we have to work with, and make each room as interesting and varied as...
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