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Map Formats and Importing Levels for Genesis

There are a ton of to be taken into account when picking level formats for a game. For example, designers need to consider what information is needed, how it is accessed, and how much space budget there is for it.
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Steam Achievements

To begin integrating the steam api into your C# Unity project, follow the installation instructions on this page: https://steamworks.github.io/installation/ Make sure to install the unity package to get the SteamManager monobehavior script. Put this on your GameController object or other object which will not be destroyed across scene loads, such as a dedicated SteamManager object. After that has been set up, you are now able to start implementing each of your achievements. THE INITIAL SETUP 1. Create a script which will be dedicated to steam-related logic. This script should derive from MonoBehavior. In this article, I will refer to this...
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