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SNES Sprite Engine Design Guidelines

SNES sprite limitations are much more forgiving than NES limits but there are still design considerations when it comes to producing high-quality games. This guide will explain the technical aspects of creating sprites for the Super Nintendo and highlight some important terms for developers and artists.
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Super Nintendo Graphics - Read in the voice of Brendan

Hello again, ya’ll! It’s me. Your ol’ pal Brendan back to talk about some GRAPHICS. When I first walked into this subject, I thought it was much simpler than it turned out to be. I was once like you. Stupid. Ignorant. Talentless. But then, I learned how to do SNES graphics and that ALL CHANGED. True story. So where do we even start? Well, think about your favorite SNES game. What do you like most about it? Gameplay is always a good answer, but what comes before that? What you see on the screen. Admit it. If the graphics look...
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