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Mad Carnivores: Cramming Advanced Enemy Behavior in The Meating

Developing retro games is always a dance of balancing features, processing speed, and cartridge space. Sloppy code or unrefined design can lead to a sloppy, slow game. However, clever design and masterful code can create a beautifully choreographed game. Programming the behavior of Voracious Ghosts in the Meating is an example of one such dance of development and design.
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Finely Chopped Meat - The Mathematics of Retro Programming

Working within the mathematical constraints of retro consoles like the NES can be difficult, but it will also make you a more creative programmer. All you need is the right techniques, like a butcher and his blade. Let’s examine how we can create movement mechanics within retro limitations.
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Smooth Jumping for Platformers

Since moving around platforms is such an integral part of the platformer experience, it is crucial that this feels good to the player. Getting controls to feel just right though is a balancing act between in-game physics, collision, and game design. It is feat for the truly meaty at heart. If this isn't you, fear not! Read on to find out more about these elements, and how we worked through them to make the jumping of Kon, a ghost minotaur, feel great in our upcoming NES platformer, The Meating!
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