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Retro Games and Streaming

It may have looked a little odd when it first appeared, but the birth of “gamers watching gamers” has created a multi-billion-dollar industry. Reminiscent of the days when you’d crowd around the Mortal Kombat machine at arcades, the entire concept is based on interaction and great gameplay. With such retro roots, is there a place for retro games on streaming services like Twitch and Mixer?
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The Coffee Crisis Lessons: 3 Game Design Choices That Drive Organic Marketing

As the indie scene has grown and as Steam has lowered visibility for indie developers on its platform, discoverability for smaller studios is an incredible challenge. Even when you do all of what the marketing the gurus tell you to do, meaningful traction is hard to come-by. Classic marketing advice usually includes some or all of the following:         Press releases         Soliciting reviews from bloggers and streamers         Social media marketing         Attending cons and expos         Building your email list We go hard on all of these points, with physical and digital boots to pavement to drum-up exposure for our games, but we...
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