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Food and Video Game Marketing

It’s impossible to escape advertising. They’re even in the games we play. Sometimes it’s as subtle as a vending machine bearing the logo of a real world soft drink, other times you play as a company mascot. It’s an effective way to reach an audience and extend the visibility of a brand, so a lot of companies have dipped their toes into it going as far back as the early 8-bit era of gaming. This is especially true for companies specializing in food and snacks. Video games and fast food seem to go together like a Whopper and a Coke....
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Eat to Craft, Craft to Kill

Like many actions in Bite The Bullet, crafting is performed through eating. Sounds simple enough, right? If only. Everyone’s crafted in games before, whether it be Minecraft or The Last of Us, but they all pretty much feel the same. That’s where Bite The Bullet is different.
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What is a Game Developer?

From entertainment industry powerhouses to international medical device corporations, we have made games for clients in several verticals. Each industry is different, and each company starts the conversation with different expectations. Some have a solid idea or concept that we help them flesh out and bring to life. Others want to work closely with us on several iterations of a design doc. Still other organizations request that we create a submission for an RFP (Request for Proposal). We understand that for many companies this might be their first experience in the video game world, and we are happy to go...
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