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Better Branding with Games

Importance of Having Brand Games Branded games give your audience an extra way of interacting with your brand. Games are the only form of media that you have to actively engage in to utilize. While music and movies can be enjoyed from an engaged audience, most of that audience is consuming the media passively, with something else on their mind. Video games require active participation in order to continue the experience, which leads to higher consumer levels of engagement. Increased engagement with a brand will help keep customer retention and drive consumer promotion via word of mouth, which has been...
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The Coffee Crisis Lessons: 3 Game Design Choices That Drive Organic Marketing

As the indie scene has grown and as Steam has lowered visibility for indie developers on its platform, discoverability for smaller studios is an incredible challenge. Even when you do all of what the marketing the gurus tell you to do, meaningful traction is hard to come-by. Classic marketing advice usually includes some or all of the following:         Press releases         Soliciting reviews from bloggers and streamers         Social media marketing         Attending cons and expos         Building your email list We go hard on all of these points, with physical and digital boots to pavement to drum-up exposure for our games, but we...
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Videogame advertisements from the 1980’s to 2010.

This document entails the analysis and study of retro videogame ads both in print and in video from the 1980s to the past decade of 2010.  Starting with a brief background of the subject, this research proposal expands on the history and why understanding where these videogame ads came from and how they have adapted within their time is important to market researchers. Questions are established and through a content analysis, resolution to the shifting trends and traits of these selected videogame ads will be found. Understanding how videogame ads have evolved in the studied 30 years is an essential...
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