Tipping the Scales: Balancing Enemies and Loot in Another Reigny Day

You may find yourself gloating over a few easy victories in Another Reigny Day, but don’t get too comfortable. Your enemies will be back in greater numbers, with bigger weapons, and with more determination than ever. That could be because their unbreakable pride and determination ensures that they’ll never admit defeat, or it could just be that, like many games, Another Reigny Day gets more difficult the further into it you get.

It tastes pretty sour if your first experience with a game is getting trampled by severely overpowered enemies, and likewise, fighting the same dudes from beginning to end would quickly become tiresome, which is why it’s necessary to tweak and tune as the game goes on. Progression is important! It keeps things interesting from start to finish since there’s nothing more boring than seeing the same faces wave after wave.

Starting off, you’ll mainly see knights knocking at your door, but after conquering a few rounds,  orcs and gnomes will be joining the party. Those chumps shouldn’t be too much trouble, and if you kill enough of them, they may even turn and run. Survive for long enough and you may find yourself going toe to toe with a few angry cyclops. This gentle curve gives new players a chance to hone their skills by bullseye-ing a few hordes of knights before the real pain trots over the horizon. 

A lot of work was put into making sure Another Reigny Day has just the right curve to its difficulty. There’s a delicate balance to making sure the game is putting the right amount of hurt on the player at the right time. To do this, we carefully iterate and tweak the difficulty by manipulating certain variables.

Take these graphs for example; they’re a nifty way that we keep track of the various components in the game that change on a per round basis. They cover things like what types of enemies you see in each wave, how many hit points they may have in total, and even how much loot you get each round.

In this way, we can ensure that things don’t become too brutal too quickly.

That’s not to say that we’re making things easy. Just because things start out simple and gently curve their way up, doesn’t mean things don’t get deadly later on. Rest assured, you’ll be scrambling to protect your bovine ruler when the time comes. Just remember that the bigger the threat, the bigger the loot you get for defeating it. Spend it in all the right places, aim true, and you just might get through Another Reigny Day.

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