Tower Defense: The Reigny Way

It can be a difficult job defending the entire kingdom with nothing but your bow and your own two hands. Nocking arrows is hard work, the sharp points are a hazard, and it’s a good way to get tennis elbow. Surely, the Cow King doesn’t expect you to defend his home by your lonesome.

That’s where turrets come in - they’re your allies in destruction. Each one of them has its own strengths and weaknesses, and if you want to keep the enemy from your front door, you’ll need to consider all of them.

So let’s take a saunter up to the big map and peruse your options. Grab the statue that best suits your tastes and plunk it down where you think it’ll do the most damage. Now it’s time to just sit back and watch as the carnage ensues. Wondering what flavors of annihilation you get to choose from? Let’s take a look.


Who doesn’t enjoy a good fire? Well, your enemies might not enjoy it very much when it’s being hurled at them by one of these fine turrets. Bask in the warm glow of your flaming enemies as your comrades in combustion send balls of fire directly into the faces of your adversaries. Not hot enough for you? Purchase the upgrades and these fiery friends will cause even bigger explosions.

Rage seems to be a resource that your enemy has plenty of. They’re essentially walking sacks of anger, stomping down the road toward your front door. Why not harness that rage for your own means using the rage turret? Build a few of these bad boys to drive your enemies into a murderous frenzy, turning them into your friends and temporarily forcing them to fight on your side.

You can think of it as your very own gladiatorial arena! If you’re really feeling the frenzy, you can upgrade your rage turrets to have them leave a lasting area of effect.

Maybe you’d rather cool things down with an ice turret. These handy gadgets hurl balls of frost at baddies, chilling them to the bone. Watch as they shiver uncontrollably and their frozen bones slow their pace to a crawl. Need to cool down even more? There’s an upgrade for that! Put the hurt on those baddies and slow them down even more with these extra chilly upgrades. Hopefully none of your enemies thought to pack a sweater.

If the Cow King is to be protected, you’ll need every advantage you can get to slow down the hordes. Rally your defenses however you want - maybe you’ve got a hot/cold attitude, or perhaps you just want to spread your rage, it’s up to you. So get comfortable with turrets, and make use of all the resources at your fingertips!

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