You Are What You Eat: BTB's Diet-Based Skill Trees

RPGs (role-playing games) are one of the most popular genres in the world, arguably the most popular. Even games that wouldn’t be classified as an RPG often contain many elements that originated in RPGs, such as skill trees, leveling, and equippable abilities.

These elements add a huge amount of depth to gameplay, and can give the player a personal connection to their character. Because Bite The Bullet is all about giving the player choices, we’ve incorporated several RPG elements into the game.

The skill trees in the game enable a player to adjust and play the way they like, and it opens the door to new skills, abilities, and various types of buffs. Bite the Bullet's skill trees offer a lot to choose from, so today we’ll be focusing on three of them: “I See, I Eat,” “Gorivore”, and “Slaughter of the Soil.”

I See, I Eat

There are three types of food in the game: Meat, Metal, and Plants. All of them have different effects. Meat is the highest in calories, fat and protein, Metal is in the middle, and plants are the lowest. The skill tree “I See, I Eat” is for the player that wants to eat everything. There are skills in this tree that will allow the player to swallow enemies whole, and even eat bullets!

As you can see in the gifs, players typically need to stop to eat. If you follow the I See, I Eat tree, you’ll have the choice of a really useful ability called “Drive Thru” which, upon acquiring it, allows the player to eat instantaneously instead of stopping, a skill that could become really helpful in the late game when enemies become more plentiful.


Up next is the Gorivore tree.It's all about getting into the thick of blood-soaked combat, and making it as gore-filled as possible.

As one might expect, this one is for meat, and meat only. This means that once this skill is acquired, the player can no longer eat Metal or Plants without suffering some vomitous consequences.The good news is that Meat is plentiful throughout the game, and is the most nutritious of the three foods.

This tree offers some great opportunities for combining skills. For example, the Gorivore path has two skills called Burning Bile and Napalm Vomit. Burning Bile turns any vomit from the player caustic, dealing major damage to any enemies it hits. Napalm Vomit allows the player to vomit while dashing. When combined, these abilities will stack, enabling you to spray trails of acidic puke as you dash around!

Slaughter of the Soil

Finally, we have the Slaughter of the Soil tree. This one, like the Gorivore tree, only allows you to eat one type of food - plants. The interesting thing about Plants is that unlike Meat or Metal, most plants will award the player with some sort of buff. In the example above, the plant (upon consumption) awards the player with 50% more calories for all food eaten, which is quite helpful considering that plants have the lowest calories in the game.

The Slaughter of the Soil skill tree is geared towards stealthy players. For example, it has options for invisibility, mushroom landmines, and wall clinging, allowing you to set traps and ambushes for your enemies.  

Though Bite the Bullet isn’t your typical RPG, incorporating elements from these games not only encourages experimentation, but also gives the players a reason to play through the game multiple times, testing out different skills and paths along the way. You may end up trying I See, I Eat the first time around, and discover on your second playthrough that you really just wanted to be a vegan the whole time.


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