Art for the Love of Art

Mega Cat studios has committed itself to using the finest art and using it in media where it can be appreciated and where we can make the most use out of it.

Flexible Leadership

Whether we're tasked with taking command over the art direction on a project, or working under a creative lead, we can hit the ground running.

Complete Your Workflow

No matter the size of the time, from the one person army to the distributed, global team that's expanding their bandwidth, we can help complete your work flow. Concept, illustration, animation and rigging are all cat competencies.

Art for the sake of Art

Our final deliverables for any art doesn't end at simply finished. Anything we work on from concept to final assets aren't just well done, they're complete.

Mega Cat Studios is focused on making good products, not a quick buck. We make sure that it is finished and that when we release something we can be proud of it.

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