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      Apply for Press and Streamer Access

      Are you a games journalist? Are you a streamer? Bite the Bullet launches on March 27, and we have a limited number of keys set aside by our publisher to distribute to the community. If you have a community, we want to find to a way to work with you.

      Here's how it would work:

      • Fill out the form below.
      • We'll review with our publisher to confirm best fits.
      • Embargo your coverage until the date we share with you.
      • Share your coverage with us so that we can reshare it to our fans.

      About the Game

      Bite The Bullet is the world’s first run and gun and eat. In this roguelite RPG shooter, intense action blends with deep character customization: Eat your way through armies of zombies, robots, mutant plants, and giant boss battles, using every dietary choice to build your skill tree, craft new weapons, and to unleash your inner Zombro. Strap on your bandana. Grab your critter cannon. It’s time to eat.

      Press and Streamer Applications

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      More About Bite the Bullet

      Fact Sheet

      Developer: Mega Cat Studios 

      Publisher: Graffiti Games

      Release Date: March 27, 2020

      Platforms: PC, Xbox One, Switch


      • Four Character Classes
      • Over 60 Metroidvania Levels
      • Gun Crafting
      • Over 40 Edible Enemies
      • Rogue Enemy Classes
      • Action Hero Bandana System
      • Deep Exploration
      • Critter Cannon
      • Weapon Modifier Drops
      • Dynamic Calorie System