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      Bite The Bullet is a 2D metroidvania run-and-gun,  recently released this August 13th. SpeedGaming and BAWLS is hosting a World Record Bounty competition of the game, with $1750 in prizes for the winners! After 1 month of release, the 3 players with the fastest recorded speedrun of the game are in for a big prize!

      Come One, Come All - Anyone Can Join!

      product feature

      The first 50 players to sign up get a free Steam key for the game!

      Compete & watch weekly races every Saturday at 1:00 PM EDT!

      SIGN UP & PLAY by joining Mega Cat's Discord channel!

      • To submit runs, post a video in the Bite The Bullet Discord or submit it to the leaderboard at The top 3 players will win prizes.
      • The deadline for submission of runs is Sunday September 20th, 11:59pm Pacific Time
      • Video recording is required of the entire run, uninterrupted. A stream with VODs being saved is sufficient.
      • SpeedGaming is the organizer of this contest and reserves all rights to make decisions about rules, timing, and the acceptance of the speedrun submissions.
      • The category is Any%, No Major Glitches. The definition of a "Major Glitch" will be clarified and updated on an ongoing basis, depending on what glitches are found and how they impact the speedrun. The speedrunning community will be involved in these discussions, but the final decision will be made by the SpeedGaming staff.
      • For questions email or contact feasel#9051 on Discord.

      Learn more about the October SpeedGaming Tournament