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      Becoming a Mega Cat Content Creator

      Hey, you- creative person! Yes, we’re talking to you, streamers, Youtubers, 8-bit felters- Mega Cat Studios wants to work with you to shape the future of retro games. Interested? Read on.

      Beta testing, collecting feedback & making a game that people love is best handled by our friends who share enthusiasm for what we love.  It’s been a great community building tool, and has made each successive release that much better.

      Our founding felines come from all walks of the world, from Twitch or Mixer, Earth or Mars, they’ve helped us grow to who we are today.  We’ve heard your voice, and are eager to keep the momentum up!

      How does it work?

      If you enjoy playing games with an audience, you should know that we’re ready to start tuning in- and sending our games a bit early. Ever played a prototype cartridge? You’ll get the chance to try our brand new retro games early in development. Your audience will be getting an exclusive first look at games that are coming first to retro systems.  In return, we get something much greater than beta testing: community feedback from the people who love the art form of making games on retro platforms.


      • You’ll get some sweet Mega Cat swag to give away to your community.
      • Your feedback shapes the game- perhaps you’ll discover that you’ve become an Easter egg in a game that you’ve played.
      • The backing of the Mega Cat community. We don’t keep quiet about our friends- we’ll be sure to share your work with our followers across various social media platforms.

      What We Need from You

      • For Youtubers: Your channel doesn’t need to be massive, but it needs to have impact- we want to see people engaging with the content you’re creating. More important than a hundred thousand subscribers are people who are looking forward to hearing you talk.
      • For streamers: Request a key
      • Regular content. Not ordinary content- we’re excited to partner with producers of experimental and creative content- rather, we’re looking for content that’s released on a regular basis. We’re not sending out our prototypes to creators who’ll just put them on the shelf!
      • We’re not demanding saintly conduct, but we expect you to be a respectable person, at the very least. If your channel produces content that is hateful - racist, sexist, or homophobic, or is otherwise unsuitable, we have no interest in partnering with you. Mega Cat does not invest in hatred.
      • By that token, if you’re producing content that is in some capacity illegal, we absolutely shall not partner with your channel.

      Otherwise, let’s get weird together.  Let’s make some good games. Let’s rejoice and celebrate the Retro Renaissance!