Disable NES Lockout Chip

Disable NES Lockout Chip

Tools: Large needle nose pliers, Phillips #2 screwdriver, Phillips #000 screwdriver

Step 1: Remove the power cord and A/V and turn the NES over. There should be 6 screws on the other side – take them out

Step 2: Take the cover off

Step 3: Take out the screws (6 total around the sides) holding the motherboard and the shield for the 72-pin connector

Step 4: Take out the screws (6 total – possibly less) holding the cartridge sled in

Step 5: Gently remove the cartridge sled by lifting up and pulling forward

Step 6: Remove the screws (2) holding the motherboard in

Step 7: Remove the 2 connections contained in the yellow box – the connection in the red box can be taken out but it is not necessary

Step 8: Remove the motherboard. The lockout chip will be labeled 3193A* Lift up to remove the RF shield

*If your NES is a different model the label may be different. Look for information on your specific model

Step 9: On the lockout chip, bend the 4th pin from the left using a Phillips #000 screwdriver – this will disable the chip Use needle nose pliers to remove the pin from the board

Step 10: Reverse the above steps to put the console back together. Test it out! If it still doesn’t work you need to replace the 72-pin connector. You should be able to play homebrew games if you replaced the 72-pin

Step 11: If all went well, it should display a solid red light upon being turned on Because we disabled the lockout chip, the NES will show a brown screen if no game has been inserted or if something is wrong with the game

Step 12: Try turning on your console without a game. If you see a brown screen, you successfully disabled the lockout chip.