Education from Professionals 

Mega Cats studios has committed itself to making the highest quality apps and games, and keeps in house quality assurance members to create the best possible product. Mega Cat studios is working to evolve mobile learnign from a niche to a real learning experience. 

Proficiency is Priority

Our apps and games are specifically designed to maximize proficiency in the relevant field, while keeping the app or game engaging to complement and enhance the learning. 

Expert Team

The Mega Cats team is full of educated professionals from across the world who are devoted to making learning fun and engaging.

Engagement for Everyone

Textbooks are very informational but not engaging. Mega Cat studios has found a way to blend education and entertaining so users will want to keep learning.

Mega Cat Studios has made quality a priority. We make quality games and can blend that with a transformative learning experience to engage our audience and lead education into a modern age.

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