Technical Leadership designed for Positive Change

Mega Cat Studios has been devoted to providing the highest quality products to our partners. Our goal is to create games to push the industry forward for good rather than to just to make games for gaming’s sake. We will help you design and bring to life the highest quality product through technological leadership and agile development so that you can get back to what you love to do.

Personal Engagement

Our products can guarantee a new level of personal engagement as opposed to other forms of technology, promoting innovative learning and excited consumers.

Flexible Skill Set

Mega Cat Studios has worked in most every form of digital media you can think of and we can translate these skills to meet whatever project we are working on.

Easy Communication

Mega Cat Studios has a devoted staff with streamlined internal communication so you’ll have direct access to us at every facet of our development.

Mega Cat Studios is committed to giving you access to deep analytics so that you can view and track the progress and engagement of the users.

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