Engaged Learning

Mega Cat Studios can make great games,  and we have the technical leadership to make exciting and engaging educational products. You have the educational expertise to make this game convey everything it needs to in order to supplement your educational practices.

Technological Leadership

Mega Cat Studios has the technical abilities to bring your education plans alive. We'll work with you and lead you to a great game to transform the education experience.

Engaging Products

Mega Cat Studios has done contracted work for dozens of companies and individuals to make products that are both educational but also engaging.

Streamlined Communication

Mega Cat Studios has streamlined our internal communication to improve our own efficiency, giving you the ability to communicate with us on any facet of development without the hassle of working with other bureaucratic companies.

The Mega Cat team has devoted itself to making the highest quality products and is looking to transform educational games from an investor pleasing niche, to a transformative and engaging learning experience.

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