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      Enterprise VR & AR 

      Healthcare, Education, Government & Enterprise RFP

      No form of media is as engaging as a video game.  VR & AR push the limits even further, providing truly immersive experiences.  This level of realism creates incredible opportunities for simulations, training, and entertaining a targeted audience.

      Mega Cat Studios provides comprehensive AR & VR solutions. Your staff can practice procedures that are dangerous or involve costly equipment in a flexible, safe, and risk-free environment.  One step beyond assessment and intellectual capital retention, a VR simulation provides back end analytics to separate candidates and team members on a detailed

      We’re proud to have partnered with healthcare, education and enterprises nationally on everything from pilot projects to full featured gaming products.

      VR interactive provide “live” training environments with granular, detailed reporting and analytics on how the user acts and reacts. Immersive training can build confidence and improve the skill set of your work force or class room.

      We unite data analytics, custom development, and superior design to empower you and your project to be built correctly the first time.


      Leadership & expertise

      Technical, Game Design, & Creative Leadership

      Content Focused Partnerships
      You’re the expert in your space, and we’re the expert in ours. We will guide your project from start to finish to ensure the scope of work you’re looking for is aligned with your goals.

      Curriculum Analytics
      Does your content, design, and user experience support your objectives? Optimize your game flow to get the most out of your project.

      Customized Development on any Platform
      Our modules and programs integrate with your existing IT framework to make deployment simple and problem-free for your organization.

      Client Dashboard and Reporting
      Get the information and control you need through an intuitive, user-friendly interface.

      NAICS Codes:

      511110 - 519190
      611110 - 611710