Wildly Engaging

Mega Cat Studios has taken pride in our ability to engage with a gaggle of different consumers and we're always on the hunt for ways to evolve our practice.  

Technological Prowess

Mega Cat Studios is koalafied to raise your project from its fledgling conception until it can soar on its own. With our mutualistic symbiotic relationship we will enable you to  expand your dominance.

Add to Your Pack

Mega Cats Studios works to create experiences that will have people parading to your app or game.  

Engage Your Flock 

Active participation with your clientele through new forms of media is one way to keep from extinction and lure in the new generation.

Mega Cats Studios is the king of the jungle when it comes to making specialized apps and games for members of its herd, and we'd love to pounce on any opportunities out in this wild world.

Howl at us