Edge Ahead Education

Mega Cat Studios can make you a game that will help you and your clientele get caught up or get ahead in this competitive education environment. The team here at Mega Cat know that education is important and want to make sure no one is left behind and that we can educate people further than they could on their own.

Get Caught Up

Our team has been able to design games to help students get caught up with their classmates.

Get Ahead

Mega Cat Studios  wants to make a game to help students get ahead to help them excel in this world of competitive education.

Get Gaming

Students love learning, but they don't like the stress that is usually associated with it. Mega Cat Studios understands that and can make engaging products that keep students learning for longer.

Creating engaging products is what we do. Mega Cat Studios wants to transform educational gaming by making it something students want to play, instead of making it a niche to satisfy investors.

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