Bringing Gaming to Healthcare

The healthcare industry is at the bleeding edge of keeping people safe and healthy, with new techniques emerging daily. Studies have shown that gaming has been shown to increase the effectiveness of treatment as well as enhance the engagement in certain forms of treatment, like the ability to reduce the effects of depression, pain during burn treatments, and increase the likelihood for someone to stick to treatment.  The gaming industry has been able to reduce the stress of patients, especially those who are worried about their treatment, or nervousness about any procedure they may undergo. Gaming is used to motivate people during physical therapy as well as distract people during otherwise painful procedures. Mega Cat Labs can bring gaming to your practice to increase patient's well-being and enhance your treatment.

Technical Leadership for Personalized Care:
Mega Cat Labs has enabled healthcare facilities to better serve their patients by tailoring video games and other media projects specific to their patient's needs.  

Complementing Your Care:
Mega Cat Labs has utilized their technical expertise in order to help patients keep up with their treatment outside of the healthcare facility. Mega Cat Labs has leveraged the enticing power of video games to help patients keep up with treatment and inspire healthy activities.

Increased Connection with Patients:
Media is more connected to us than ever and it has a major impact on our lives. connecting to a mobile audience gives your facility the ability to keep a constant connection with your patients and ensure effective results outside of your practice.

Gearing Up for the Future of Healthcare:
Leveraging media and video games will help you enhance your practice so that it is can take you to the future of healthcare. The use of technology by healthcare providers gives a new connection to patients and will help modernize your practice.

Helping Bring Healthcare to New Heights

Utilizing technology has transformed every industry throughout history, and healthcare has been changed the most. While healthcare is constantly adapting new technologies to help save patients, video games and media can help reduce the mental strain on patients as well as giving patients the tools to keep up with their treatment. 

Bringing New Technologies to Healthcare

Mega Cat Labs has been able to bring new technologies to healthcare practitioners around the globe, especially in terms of video games as well as mobile apps.

Intuitive Design

Mega Cat Labs takes pride in its easy to use apps and games to enable their success across patients of all ages and familiarity with technology.

Technically Sound

Mega Cat Labs is dedicated to delivering the highest quality work which will satisfy even the most challenging technical demands.

Creating a game for your practice as part of your treatment can enhance the patient's experience and engagement in their treatment through their active engagement with the digital treatment tool. 

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