Make My Game



Everyone is a Gamer

Every brand deserves its own game. And now, with accessible technology and global interest, there is a worldwide and avid fan base waiting to play it.


From Nintendo Switch and Steam to the Google Stadia and Epic Games Store, there’s a feeling of excitement building at every corner. With nearly 2 billion gamers worldwide (195 million in North America alone) across all demographics, you can be confident that your customers are also gamers.



Deepen Brand Engagement and Value through Video Games
A custom-branded game is the perfect way to capture this momentum. Games are captivating, memorable, and effective - all the things you want your brand marketing to be. They deliver immersive and engaging experiences, and outperform other forms marketing and outreach.

Games Get Results

The value of a branded game speaks for itself:


Custom Means We Work Backward from Your Goals
Every brand is different, and so are our games. We personalize every aspect of the game, from the concept and gameplay to the art and lore. This custom-approach means we can target what matters most to your audience, and your brand.

Equip Your Brand Today
Do you need customer acquisition? To amplify your message? Educate your clients? Promote a product? We can complement your digital strategy in any way you need to achieve your goals.

From hyper casual mobile games to modern consoles and VR, Mega Cat Studios can turn up the juice on your brand.