Putting the Fun in Fundraising

Mega Cat Labs has devoted itself to making games that are specific to helping you expand your ability to fund raise and maximize the support for your cause.  Mega Cat Labs has utilized its media and technical expertise in order to enhance the way it services its customers. By utilizing cutting edge technology, Mega Cat Labs has been able to create any form of media which will best service your cause. Mega Cat Labs can help you reach your largest audience possible by maximizing your branding and advertisement through the use of new media. Video games are the largest form of media and is the fastest growing media industry in the world.

Technical Leadership for Advancing your Cause:
Mega Cat Labs has enabled fund raisers to better serve their cause by tailoring video games and other media projects specific to their fund raising needs.  

Accessing New Audiences:
Mega Cat Labs has utilized their expertise in order to bring knowledge of your cause to new audiences across the globe. Mega Cat Labs has enabled charities, non-profits, and businesses to take advantage of growing media industries in order to maximize their consumer base.

Increased Connection with Patrons:
Media is more connected to us than ever and it has a major impact on our lives. Connecting to a mobile audience gives your facility the ability to keep a constant connection with your consumers as well as another channel to keep in touch with them.

Featured Partners:
Mega Cat Labs has been fortunate enough to work with different charitable causes across a variety of media and technical products.

Take This: Take This is a non-profit charity designed to combat suicide and bring communication among people who play video games.
Child's Play: This charity is designed to bring video games to children who are kept in hospitals in order to reduce their stress while they are there.
Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh: The Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh is a leader in children's health and a pioneer in leading treatments in all area's of children's health.

Maximizing the Impact of your Cause

Utilizing technology has transformed every industry throughout history and Mega Cat Labs is devoted to using its media, marketing and technical expertise in new ways to ensure that your cause can reach the most amount of people as well as creating the largest impact for your cause. 

Bringing New Technologies to Your Cause

Mega Cat Labs has been able to bring new technologies to great causes around the globe, especially through video games and mobile apps.

Intuitive Design

Mega Cat Labs takes pride in its easy to use apps and games to enable their product's success with people of all ages and familiarity with technology.

Technically Sound

Mega Cat Labs is dedicated to delivering the highest quality work which will satisfy even the most challenging technical demands.

Creating a game for your cause can enhance the user's experience and engagement in the cause through their active engagement with the digital engagement tool. 

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