Repairing Nintendo DS Top LCD Screen

Repairing Nintendo DS Top LCD Screen

Tools: Tweezers, Plastic opening tools, Tri-wing screwdriver, Phillips #00 screwdriver

Step 1: Take out any game cartridge Take out the screw (Phillips #00) and take off the battery door

Step 2: Take out the battery (spudger or other instrument may be helpful)

Step 3: Take out the seven screws (tri-wing) on the back

Step 4: Take off the back panel

Step 5: Take out the four screws (Phillips #00) on the circuit board 

Step 6: Move up the black clips on the two sockets to free the ribbon cables Gently take the cables out manually, not with pliers

Step 7: Below the ribbon cable on the right you just took out, there will be two smaller ribbon cables After you slide the cables’ associated locks down to the side you will be able to remove them (tweezers may be helpful)

Step 8: Remove the part shown (WiFi antenna pigtail) with tweezers

Step 9: Take out the circuit board being careful not to damage the ribbon cables

Step 10: Take off the screw covers with a flathead screwdriver

Step 11: Take out the screws (Phillips #00) uncovered by the previous step

Step 12: Separate the halves of the top portion

Step 13: Take off the top cover Take out the screw (Phillips #00) on the hinge cover

Step 14: The ribbon cables and WiFi pigtail cable now need to be fed through the hinge cover opening Take out the yellow spacer

Step 15: Take out the two screws (Phillips #00) on the speaker circuit boards (green)

Step 16: Move up the black locks on the two sockets and take out the ribbon cables manually Below the orange cable you removed there will be a smaller ribbon cable. Pull its lock down and take the cable out

Step 17: Take out the top screen (pry tool may be helpful)