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      Mega Cat Studios is a creative-first game development company with a deep bench of talent and a history of innovation. We’re at PAX East ahead of the launch of Bite the Bullet, our upcoming run and gun and eat title, and we are on the hunt for a publisher to support our next big project.

      That’s why we targeted you with a Facebook ad.

      We believe in forging new roads to reach new players, and to us, that means going above and beyond industry norms in all aspects of the game creation process, from design to marketing to how we pick our next publishing partner.

      We have new games to show you. Don’t have a meeting with us yet? Book one today using the form below. 

      James Deighan Marshal Carper
      Game: Dead Toons Don't Run Bases Game: Wrestle Quest
      Sink into an old-timey world of zany cartoon baseball where fast arcade sports gameplay combines with the depth and customizability of an RPG. Solve the mystery of your rival’s death and conquer the season without becoming a victim yourself. Powerbomb your way through a massive RPG where the worlds of toys, action figures, and wrestling collide. Choose to be a face and save the toy world, or become a heel and put it in a chokehold.



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