Master Chow Khan runs an incredibly successful Etsi shop selling holiday decorated bonsai trees. His apprentice, only known as Hero, is working day and night to earnestly keep his shop alive and carry on the lost art of holiday-decorated bonsais. Global warming and e-commerce trends have made it harder and harder for Omisai to stay unaffected. Your master, and your community, need your help.

Choose your own ninja path in this riveting adventure. From self defense class drop out to industry saving philanthropist, you can do it all. Play as either ninja hopeful, Orville or Reginald, and be the hero we all knew you always could be!


Behind the Scenes


Q: How far into development is this game? When will it be released?

A: The hearts above indicate how far along from development a game is. With five hearts, each heart represents 20%, and a half heart represents 10%.

Q: What happens when I buy a reserved copy?

A: You’ll be added to the email list for that game and become an integral part of how that game is built out. Updates are sent monthly for games in development showing art, gameplay builds, and storyline material for YOU, our community, to contribute to.

Q: I don’t like pre-orders.

A: That’s okay too! Subscribe to our email newsletter, a separate email entirely, and we’ll only message you when new games are up and available for sale.

Q: I’ve done this before...and the game still hasn’t come out. What the heck?

A: Mega Cat Studios will never, ever have a game posted here go beyond a year in development. In most cases, they’re less than six months. Rest assured that we aren’t going anywhere, and will deliver.

Q: I want to purchase this for a gift, but, I don’t want to hand this special person an email receipt.

A: We can mail custom gift cards for no additional charge. Details matter, and presentation is something we take great pride in.