I was with the him at every step. Dr. Rosenbaum was a great inventor, bringing joy and laughter to the children of Bleresford with his wonderful contraptions. His children’s museum, Doctor Rosenbaum’s Emporium of Animatronics for Minors (DREAM), was a bright spot in the dingy lives of many of the city’s youths. Every toy, every ride, every creation was special. And Rufus was no exception.

He was a machine with a soul, a product of Dr. Rosenbaum's strange alchemical pursuits. He felt an attachment to the old man, the man who had created him, had given him life, and Dr. Rosenbaum obviously felt an affection for Rufus as well. So, when the Doctor died in front of him, choking and gasping, it changed something in the animatronic cat, in his very heart.

Rufus dragged his beloved creator to the inner cells of his workshop. He placed the body in a special cooling chamber, then set about, pouring through manuscripts and research, digging through mouldy tomes and alchemical formulas. I could guess what he was after. If Dr. Rosenbaum could bring Rufus to life, perhaps Rufus...

When the sun rose that morning, Rufus had already created his first prototype, and I had fled. A flood of automata has poured from DREAM ever since, though they lack that spark that Dr. Rosenbaum was able to impart. I attempted to leave Bleresford, but whenever I got beyond the city's gates, my nights were full of evil dreams – clanking machines, Doctor Rosenbaum calling to me, and hungry shadows.

Now, I hear tales of malfunctioning toys throughout Bleresford. Clockwork creatures that bite their owners and skulk in the dark corners of every home. I know Rufus is planning something. And I can't run away this time.


Brass Fur is a top-down cute 'em up with gorgeous hand-made art, intense shooter gameplay, ship customization, and 4 player co-op. Choose from multiple characters, each with their own flying vessel and abilities. Fight through the main quest or numerous special challenge modes. Unravel the mystery of DREAM, and a explore a quest to control the forces of life and death. Save the city of Bleresford from fuzzy aviators, cuddly airship captains, and furry flying aces.

-Up to four buddies can gun a path through the city to the heart of the automaton threat, DREAM
-Immerse yourself into colorful characters, each with their own backstory, and a quest that explores loyalty, nature, and the dignity of life
-Delight at gorgeous backgrounds and animal enemies so adorable you almost feel bad for shooting
-Mow down waves of steampunk animals with Tesla coils, steam-powered shotguns, unguided rocket swarms, and other splendid weaponry
-Multiple achievements to acquire and special levels to master will keep you clawing away at for months


The city of Bleresford is home to a proud aristocracy, a hard-pressed working class, industrial barons, opportunistic criminals, and, of course, their loyal animal companions. Delve into the history of the city and its inhabitants as you embark on a quest to stop the mechanical pet of a disturbed genius!

Professor Fluffington

Dr. Rosenbaum's own true flesh and blood cat, the only animal he had but did not build. When the Doctor's favorite creation begins a wave of war, Fluffington tries to flee the city, but is drawn back by forces he cannot control...


A heavy-hitting bull dog on a mission to save his master's rail company. Hogan's owner and his family built Burgrave Rail and Steam from the ground up, and no one, not even a maniacal animatronic warlord, is going to take it away from them.

Lord Barkfield

Canus Officianius to Lord Milchester, the Earl of Goldingshire, Royal Aeronaut, Loyal Servant to the Queen, and Duke of Hounds. With his duty to the Empire, his sacred honor, and the Queen’s life in the balance, this noble hound enters the fray with cannons ablaze.


The spirits guide her paws, and fate controls her steps. It was not chance that brought Gypsy to Bleresford. It was destiny. Destiny, and the shadow...

The Animatronic Army

At first, these furry contraptions were simply prototypes on Rufus's quest to create true life. They were sold through the DREAM giftshop and elsewhere throughout Bleresford. However, the cat never accomplished his pursuits, and his creations continue to lack that spark, that soul that Dr. Rosenbaum could impart. Although they do not possess the Doctor's touch, they have been instilled with Rufus's viciousness and ruthlessness, which are activated on his command.