Coffee Crisis for the Sega Genesis


The evil alien Smurglien race has taken notice of Earth’s fancy World Wide Web and have begun stealing its WiFi. In doing so, they have hacked their own version of the internet and hid it deep within the Earth’s web-based systems, calling it the Smurnet.

Now, the Smurglien aliens have invaded Earth, and they’re after our most valuable commodities:  cat videos, metal music, and, the best damn coffee Earth has to offer.  Join Black Forge Coffee house baristas Nick and Ashley, two galaxy gladiators called to arms to stop this madness and remove the Smurglien threat from Earth.  With 6 definitive levels, and bosses the likes of which you’ve never seen before, Coffee Crisis delivers the wake-up call your Genesis needs.  


The Smurgliens, a malicious alien race with too much time on their hands, have been stealing the Earth’s rich supply of internet for weeks now.  Using their savvy, yet socially-awkward Geek Squid tentacle support, these sneaky aliens have created their own internet and embedded it into ours - the Smurnet.

Obsessed with the eclectic and oddly-addicting noises we call music, the Smurgliens then had the nerve to set up their own peer to peer sharing network called Smapster. Now, fed up with the low-quality mp3 pirated music files, the Smurgliens are thirsty for more and ready to steal our music at the source.

The Smurglien Overlord has sent his highest ranking soldier, First General Duke TailGator to go to the Earth. His mission, capture all of the planet’s greatest musicians starting with the best metal bands we have.  

After watching an amazing music video filmed at the Black Forge Coffee House by Pittsburgh band Greywalker on Smurtube, a Smurglien scout has determined that the Black Forge Coffee House has more to offer than just its great taste music.  It is the world's epicenter of all things metal, and would be a prime location for which to launch the Smurglien invasion.  Plus, if they happen to get super tired from all the invading, they could snag a revitalizing cold brew.

Armed with steam pitchers, coffee beans and caffeine-fueled angst, Black Forge Coffee House baristas Nick and Ashley are rising to the occasion and defending our home.  With some guidance from a mysterious and crazy yinzer, the duo aims to pull together and fight for the human race.

The Smurgliens can have the Kid Rocks, Coldplays, and Linkin Parks… but if you don’t help our heroes fend off against the alien-assimilated elderly, bros, cowgirls, and country western singers, who knows what could happen!

Behind the Scenes