Crypt Crusaders for the Sega Genesis
Crypt Crusaders for the Sega Genesis
Crypt Crusaders for the Sega Genesis
Crypt Crusaders for the Sega Genesis
Crypt Crusaders for the Sega Genesis


Crypt Crusaders follows the familiar classic RPG gameplay mechanics combined with a unique element of procedural content generation. The game has features similar to old-school roguelikes such as “Rogue” and “NetHack”. The entire game takes place in a dungeon which has many floors. The player starts at elevation 0 and descends one floor at a time through doors and holes in the floor. Throughout the dungeon, the player faces a variety of enemies, finds a variety of items and power-ups. There are two modes to play the game in: story mode and endless mode. If the player dies once, their progress is recorded as a high-score, and they must start over from the beginning.

Do you like procedurally generated dungeons?

How about saving the fantasy world by choosing the Battlemage, Paladin, Ninja, or Priest character class and GIVE YOUR GENESIS THE LOVE IT DESERVES FOR GOSH SAKE!



The Paladin: Leon

The son of a lowly knight, Leon spent much of his youth in awe of his father's friends and liege lords. Leon was enthralled with their shining armor, colorful banners, and proud horses. His father, although he did not have such expensive trappings, was a brave fighter, and a man of good heart. Thus, his lord and his fellow sworn vassals respected him for his integrity, courage, and piety. Leon, however was interested only in acquiring bright swords and luxurious tunics.

Despite his father's tutelage, Leon never lost this desire for gold and riches. Even as a squire he sought out the most well-off knights to teach him, burning to gain their recognition and approval. He thought that, once he had earned his knighthood, he would be able to carve out a name for himself and earn an impressive keep for himself and his family.

However, despite his knighthood, there were those at court who snickered at Sir Leon's humble garb and lowly household. The smug smiles and the giggles behind his back made his blood boil, but his father encouraged him to find peace of mind through service to their leige lord and their god.

Leon was about to give up hope of wealth and acceptance, until the king addressed the growing shadow rising from the caves and crypts to the north. He called for a champion to investigate, but the very mention of the darkness sent a wave of dread through the knights and courtiers. They shuffled in place, none brave enough to answer.

Leon thought of his father, of his wishes and teaching, but also of his modest keep and possessions. He made a choice. With a heart of fire, he stepped forward to the calls of the king...


The Priest: Severnus

Severnus is a Ray of the Luminorn Order, a priestly society devoted to the god of light, self-sacrifice, and righteousness, Luminore. For millenia the Luminorn Order has preserved and studied ancient writings, ministered to and cared for the poor and the sick, and provided guidance to families and nations. There was a time when the white robes of a Ray fostered respect and benevolence wherever they went.

However, in recent times the people have rejected the Order's teachings. Whispers of corruption and perversion among the group's members, and a new focus on self-love instead of self-sacrifice among the commonfolk, has caused the Luminorn Order to not only fall out of favor, but to be ridiculed and persecuted. In fact, there are many who even deny the existence of Luminore, or say that the darkness spreading from the crypts is proof that he is not a loving god.

Deeply troubled by this, Severnus questions his superiors as to what has happened, and what can be done. Many of them believe that should disband, and leave the commonfolk to suffer without their guidance. Others warn Luminore Himself will cleanse the world with burning sunfire if they do not continue to obey. Some have begun to believe the murmuring of the people, and begin to question and doubt their god. Still others, such as Severnus, know the truth.

The Fiend himself has sown discord in the hearts of the people, causing unrest and disquiet in their souls. Slowly, generation by generation, he has worked on their minds like water on a stone. Even the Luminorn Order has fallen victim to this erosion of their principles and beliefs. Severnus and a small group of convicted followers know that the only way to stop the madness in society is to put an end to the Fiend's influence, and help the people return to the warm glow of Luminorn. Girding himself with ancient and holy knowledge, Severnus descends into the crypts, prepared to confront the Fiend, redeem his order, and serve his god.


To be continued…


Behind the Scenes


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