Pirate Dodgeball for the Nintendo Entertainment System
Pirate Dodgeball for the Nintendo Entertainment System
Pirate Dodgeball for the Nintendo Entertainment System


ARRRRRR – Me Hook! Blast off with this Cinderella Pirate story seeing first hand what a pirate’s third favorite sport is: Dodgeball!

From live pirate ship dodgeball stadiums to torture rooms and treasure troves, these pirates will play dodgeball anywhere. Win and help your team capture the golden hook! Lose, and expect to be sent to the plank, ye dirty land lubber!



Disclaimer: Although Mega Cat Studios does not endorse the consumption of Pirate Rum during game play, we strongly encourage the use of props, parrots, and pirate slang smack talk. Suggestions below:

Ahoy Matey, Yer Screen Peakin!
Yo Ho, A Pirates victory for me!
Arast! Me peg leg was laggin’!
There be treasure in victory!
X Marks the Spot…for your grave!
Here be treasure, prepare for my pillage!
Eat my buccaneer pantaloon shorts!
Shiver me timbers, yer bad at games!
Dead men tell no tales!
Weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen! You’re going down.


Behind the Scenes


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