Robo Breaker for the Sega Genesis
Robo Breaker for the Sega Genesis


Robo Breaker combines platforming skills with puzzle elements to pique your curiosity and test your reflexes. Dive in and make a break for it as you use your surroundings to beat these robots into submission and survive each tormenting level.



Robots of all walks of life have been taking all of the good jobs. You’ve submitted your resume to thousands of job postings…and as each week passes, you become more and more sure that you’ve been made obsolete.

And then you find out the truth.

One sentient robot is responsible for it all. You have to to stop this, or you’re never going to get back on your feet and resume the payments on the addition to your house. You had to have a custom ball pit with your likeness on each ball, didn’t you? You have to fix this. You have to fix this now.

Break into the factory, demolish the guards, and take on each puzzle-fueled patterned room until you make your way to the final boss.

Let’s kick some robot tail.


Behind the Scenes


Q: How far into development is this game? When will it be released?

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