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Sega NES Game Bundle

Become a gifting legend this holiday season.  Our Mega Cat exclusive, limited run gift sets were designed for only the coolest cats on your list this year.  Packaged in a premium matte black keepsake gift box - so luxe that even the classiest cats will raise a whisker.

T H I S   B O X   I N C L U D E S : 

RetroDuo Portable Handheld by RetroBit
Ready to play your NES and SNES cartridges ON THE GO?! The RetroDuo Portable allows you to play your 16-bit, 8-bit and even the original Genesis cartridges on the road! With up to 8 hours of play time from the equipped dual-capacity lithium-ion battery, the RDP is the perfect choice for retro gamer road trips. This portable handheld device is mobile and travel-friendly so you can show off your old-school gaming skills everywhere you go!
RetroGen Genesis to SNES Cartridge Adapter
Ever wish you could combine your Genesis and SNES gaming into one?! This adapter allows you to play Genesis and Mega Drive games on your original SNES or any 3rd party 16-bit console!  Compatible with the RetroDuo to take them on the move.
RetroPort NES to SNES Cartridge Adapter
Now you can play your NES carts on the RetroDuo handheld to take them anywhere!  Also allows your NES games to play on your SNES or 16-bit console.

Your choice of any Mega Cat NES game - complete in box with manual

Mega Cat Coffee Crisis for Sega Genesis - complete in box with manual

Premium, sturdy matte black gift box 


Shipping directly to the recipient?  We've got your back.  Mega Cat himself will even hand write a card for you.

Looking to score even more gifting points?  Add a Mega Cat tee to your gift set!  Only the finest for our cats - we're talking super soft, tri-blend fabrics.  None of that cheap sh*t around here.