Viking Democracy for the Sega Genesis
Viking Democracy for the Sega Genesis Viking Democracy for the Sega Genesis Viking Democracy for the Sega Genesis Viking Democracy for the Sega Genesis

Viking Democracy has has two versions, marrying technology from our childhood with the bleeding edge of VR using Razer's OSVR platform.



Viking Democracy is a passion project by Mega Cat Studios, bringing two of our favorite things together: couch co-op & Vikings. Sink your teeth into action packed, interactive levels with features that overflow from the cornucopia of Norse-awesomeness.

The Sega Genesis version features three player, multi-tap compatibility. Not too shabby, eh? Slap and slash your enemies and use this game as it was intended to be enjoyed: to settle arguments, end friendships, and find new romance. Or, you can just play it.

The PC port is an in-house testament to our love and passion for details. We’ve held nothing back with this game, bringing something to the table we’re proud to say is both unique and representative of our brand: Fun for funs sake, just add Vikings.



What Bjorn lacks in height, he makes up in gusto. Nobody is as skilled at eating unreasonable pieces of meat mid-battle. His beard is full of fervor, and his gaze goes on for days. Poets are inspired by his presence, and ladies regularly haunt his dressing room with folded letters proclaiming their devotion to him. And, also, ……crock pot recipes he may find appetizing.

Hilde is a fierce and fearless warrior, having championed countless battles in her time. Her speed and skill with her spear make her a force to reckon with. She’s also the only Viking that wears underwear.

You can hear when Leif is around – both from his boisterous voice and heavyweight personality. Where Leif goes, smiles and blue moustache whiskers follow.

Although many think Gunnr is erratic and volatile, he’s the real sweetheart of the group. He’s equally skilled at swordplay as he is the lost art of Haiku. An expert at horned helmet smithing, Gunnr is a well-rounded force to reckon with in the arena.






Q: How far into development is this game? When will it be released?

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