Zombie League Hockey for the Nintendo Entertainment System
Zombie League Hockey for the Nintendo Entertainment System
Zombie League Hockey for the Nintendo Entertainment System


“Zombie League Hockey is what the people want!” is something I’ve actually never heard before.
Never the less, we’ve combined four of our favorite things here:

1. The Original Nintendo
2. Hockey
3. Zombies
4. RPGs

If you think professional athletes can be primadonnas, you haven’t seen anything yet. These Zombies are HIGH maintenance, goal-scoring, zom-checking, brutes to deal with. Do you like beautiful over worlds? How about immersive hockey/zombie mash up art that takes you to a far away land where The undead are the most skilled athletes on Earth? Does this game take place on earth? Stay tuned to find out!



The ZHL, better known as the Zombie Hockey League is a professional ice-hockey league composed of 5 member clubs in the United States and 1 in Canada. Headquartered in Rottsburgh, Pussylvania, the ZHL is considered the premier professional hockey league in the world. The Stankley Cup, the oldest professional sports trophy in the galaxy, is awarded annually to the league playoff champion at the end of each season.

Your team is in dire straits. Stadiums are empty, fans are seeking anti-depressants in never-before-seen volumes and your coach is losing hope. It’s up to you to turn this team around!


Behind the Scenes


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